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Cargo Surveys

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A Full Range of Cargo Survey Services

Bay Marine Surveyors provides various types of cargo survey services for those looking to protect their investment.  We routinely work with the following industries:

  • Insurers
  • Shippers
  • Cargo Owners
  • Manufacturers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Transport Companies

We have a deep knowledge of various types of cargo as well as the stowage and securing methods needed for safe transport.

Cargo Damage and Loss Surveys

A cargo damage and loss survey is designed to capture the essential information needed to determine the nature, cause and extent of any damages sustained in the course of transit.  A comprehensive survey will help substantiate a conclusion to the cause and loss or damage observed and is a critical document in the claims adjustment and settlement process.

A typical cargo damage survey will include

  • Description of the shipment (quantity, contents, shipper, consignee)
  • Details of carriage (vessel name, port, date, condition)
  • Particulars of the survey (name, date, location)
  • Findings (likely cause, extent, location, loss summary)
  • Recommendations to avoid future loss   

The surveyor will state his opinion as to the cause, extent, and location of the damage, which should be supported by the findings and any other analysis or tests performed. Photo documentation is almost always included with the report and helps support the associated descriptions.

Cargo Discharge and Loading Surveys

Designed to identify and minimize the risk of any damage during transport, cargo discharge and loading surveys ensure the goods are well packed and stowed/secured properly to sustain the impact of a sea voyage. 

Container Damage Surveys

Cargo containers routinely suffer from damage during transport making inspections an important service for those looking to submit a claim with their underwriter.  Typically a container damage survey will focus on inspecting the physical condition and structural integrity of the container and oversee repairs if necessary.

What's Included in a Cargo Survey

Identification of the likely cause of loss/damage

Survey report

Repair plan follow up

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