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Damage Surveys

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What is a Damage Survey

The uncomfortable truth is that damage to a vessel will happen over the course of ownership which is why having a damage survey to help identify the likely cause and extent of the damage is important.  A damage survey primarily focuses on the severity of the damage and how that damage affects the overall value of the boat.  Damage can occur from other boaters, inclement weather such as storms and hurricanes, and other events outside of your control.  

Some of the typical types of damage investigations include: 

  • Dock Rash
  • Striking Submerged Objects
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Fire/Arson
  • Mechanical Issues
  • Collisions
  • Sinking

A trained professional marine surveyor can identify if the damage is localized or is affecting other aspects of the functionality of the vessel.    

Our Damage Survey Process

1) we travel to your vessels location to begin the survey

2) the written report is created, formatted, and delivered

3) survey report is explained and questions are answered

4) repair work is reviewed if necessary

The Damage Survey Report

A damage survey is only as good as what is put down on paper which is why the written report can take a few days.  Relevant high resolution photographs documenting the damage as well as explanations of the damage will be included.  You will also receive a list of recommended repairs and associated costs that you can incorporate into your repair plan  Frequently, clients ask us for a follow up inspection to ensure the repairs were done correctly. 

What's Included in a Damage Survey

Identification of the likely cause of damage

Survey report

Repair plan follow up

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