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We are frequently asked, “How much does a marine survey cost?”  While on the surface, providing a flat number seems like the easiest response, the real answer is “it depends”.  Each vessel is different which means each survey is different in terms of complexity and time to complete.

Numerous factors include the type of vessel (power or sail), size, the intended use, onboard systems, construction material and methods, as well as the location.  These variables all factor into the overall cost of a survey.

Vessel Size

In general, larger vessels have more areas to inspect as well additional onboard systems.  A larger vessel with specialized systems such as roll stabilizers, water makers, multiple air conditioners, complicated electronic systems and modern propulsion packages will always require more time to determine operating condition. This extra time almost always adds to the cost of a survey.

Age and Condition

You can also expect the age and condition of a vessel as an important factor.  A 25 year old boat that has not been sufficiently maintained will require additional survey time to get an adequate assessment on the condition of the vessel.  Newer boats in general require less time.


Cost vs Investment

Investing in a marine survey is investing in peace of mind.  While going with the cheapest surveyor may save you a few dollars initially, in the long run you may be paying substantially more for unforeseen repairs.  At Bay Marine Surveyors, we understand the true cost of a hiring the least expensive person for the job.  Selecting a surveyor begins with asking for references, reading reviews, researching their qualifications and finally speaking directly with the surveyor to see if they are a good fit.  

A marine survey report is an essential document that not only determines the condition and value of the vessel but the fair market value as well.  Marine survey reports are often used in litigation so having the best possible person conduct the survey and produce the report can be a sound investment and you will be happy knowing that you hired a professional.  We invest countless hours and money in our education and qualifications to ensure you have an expert that works for you.  In general, hiring the cheapest surveyor can turn out to be the most expensive option. 

To get a free quote or book service, please call us at (409) 499-6420.  Our prices are competitive with other marine surveyors in the area.  We accept cash, money orders, and credit cards as forms of payment.  Payment is due the day the survey is performed.

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